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Welcome to

On this page you will find a collection of  youtube-Videos of or about Cliff Richard.
There's some pretty rare stuff on this site too, mainly songs you may never even have heard of.
You will only find a certain amount of Videos of his greatest hits though, because you will find them easily on youtube by yourself.

Enjoy the ride.

Update 18. July 2011:
- Loose Women - Cliff sings "Saving a life"  with Freda Payne

Update 1. May 2011:

- New Site with german shows under "Specials and Documentaries"
- New: Cliff at Des & Mel's
- New: Cliff on Pebble Mill

Update 2. May 2011:
- "Cliff in Scandinavia" (1970) now not only with outtakes, but the full show

Update 3. May 2011
- New page with full concerts
- Full movie "The Case" (1972) added

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Update 3. May 2011: New page with full concerts
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