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Here's some rarities that have never been released on Cliff-Richard-albums or even at all.

Scroll down for a handfull of random rarities or find a list of sub-menus on the left hand side.

"November Night" from the album "Words & Music" by Sir John Betjeman & Mike Read.

"Drifting" (1983) (Duet with Sheila Walsh from her 1983-album "Drifting" which was produced by Cliff Richard)

"Burn On" (1989) (from the Graham-Kendrick-Tribute "The Kendrick Collection" which also included the songs "Fighter" and "Shine, Jesus, Shine" by Cliff Richard)

"The Bellman's Speak" (1986) (From Mike Batt's Musical "The Hunting of the Snark", which was an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Non-Sense-Ballad)

"The Escapade" (1986) (The second song of Cliff in Mike Batt's Musical "The Hunting of the Snark")

"Indian Sun" (2001) (From "The Dalit Drum", a christian Aid-CD by Garth Hewitt and Paul Field)

"Different is beautiful" (1999) (from Peter Wolf's Symphony "Progression" - with other artists)

"If it were up to me" (1999) (Another song from Peter Wolf's Symphony "Progression")

That's what friends are for (This wonderful duet composed by Burt Bacharach was included on Cilla Black's Album "through the years")

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