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Larry Norman

Cliff sang several songs composed by the so-called inventor of christian rock'n'roll music, Larry Norman. He also duetted with him a few times. One of them was 1985 April 14th. The BBC produced a Rock Gospel Show hosted by Sheila Walsh.  Larry appeared in the second series.  He sang “The Rock That Doesn’t Roll” as a duet with Cliff Richard and “What’s Wrong With This Body” helped by the London Community Gospel Choir.  Both these songs were later released on the Rock, Scissors et Papier CD in 2003. Another BBC-special called "Rockspel" was produced in 1986 where Cliff & Larry sang the same song again. This version below is from the 1986-special "Rockspel".

Cliff sang some more Larry-Norman-Songs during his carreer like ....

"Up in Canada" (from a South-Africa-Concert). This one has been released on the album "Small Corners" and on the Re-Release of "Thank you very much" as a bonus track.

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